Hey, everyone.

For anyone for enjoyed my comics, you may be interested to know I've moved on to writing a novelized serial called Tales of Tourniquet.  If you have a kindle or kindle app, it's FREE for Feb 1 and Feb 2 ONLY, so check out Volume 1!  ToT is a smart-ass, mythology-based dark fantasy about a bounty hunter with a detachable head.  It's a mature readers kind of deal, for lots of R-rated content, but if you're interested, the synopsis is below.  

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Chris B Jags
Join morally-challenged undead bounty hunter Tourniquet as she hunts a motley assortment of vicious supernatural killers... and maybe devours a few hapless bystanders on the side. Accompanied by noble barbarian Ajin, quirky stripper Red, and the sleazy and unscrupulous merchant Zenn, she travels the kingdom, ridding it of anyone with the misfortune to have a price on their head. 
The first three stories in a serial! 

Well, that was lucky.

Less than a week after I completed Infection Queen, my PC died on me.  Given that I'm about to be laid off and can't afford to fix/replace it (yeah, I live right on the line), it was fortunate that I managed to get that last page done.  But man, I've been plagued by a lot of hardware failures while writing this thing!
Anyways, I promised a few final notes on IQ, so here they are. Obviously, there will be SPOILERS ahead, so if you haven't read the comic, START HERE (or go to the last page).

I mentioned before how I was originally inspired by the movie Feast, which, as IMDB very succinctly summarizes it, "Patrons locked inside of a bar are forced to fight monsters."

Before the creators of Feast sue me for everything I'm most assuredly not worth (they're welcome to my busted PC), I think you'll agree that Infection Queen spun quite a long way off that basic concept.  You could probably call it "Robots VS Body Snatchers" instead.  I wanted to create a horror-fantasy-science fiction hybrid with a dash of comedy that would  eventually become deadly serious.  I'm not sure if I successfully managed to juggle all that, but I definitely wanted to try.  I think hybridizing genres is one way of keeping them fresh, and I love to see it done.

Writing IQ was a bit frustrating, though.  My artistic abilities are painfully limited, and I just couldn't get it to look how I hoped.  Would you believe Shiu-Lom actually looked quite horrific in my head?  On the page she looks like a melting candle.  And that's just one example:  I partially cut two major action sequences because I knew I couldn't draw them. 

Looking back, I wish I'd gone the novel route.  I could have fleshed out a lot of the characters, given the story greater scope, and dodged the whole "sketchy art" bullet completely.  But I love comics, so I chose to struggle with it instead.  

I had a lot of IQ scripted, though I did cut some stuff, including one character arc.  The ending was the only element of the story I didn't have planned out from the get-go.  It could have gone one of a couple of ways.  

In one version, Captain FinSilver deals Anatasha a killing blow (instead of wounding her to drive Shiu-Lom out).  Ulana survives.  In the epilogue, Ulana vows vengeance on Captain FinSilver for killing her best friend, but the scene is left open-ended.  

Ultimately, I decided that Anatasha had suffered enough crap already, and while I absolutely wanted FinSilver to be hard as nails by the end, there was already the upcoming scene where she torches Shiu-Lom to demonstrate that, and I preferred that she wasn't seen as completely remorseless.

There was also an ending I considered where Shiu-Lom and FinSilver came to an understanding.  Shiu-Lom goes into voluntary exile in exchange for being allowed to live.  This was in the earlier days when I thought maybe there'd be a sequel.  When I decided that there wouldn't be, this ending got jettisoned.

So there you have it.  If you hated the official ending, you can pretend one of these alt-endings happened instead!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my little opus.  I'd like to thank everyone who voted for it and kept it a "presence" on vote sites like Top Web Comics.  You guys were the reason I continued to pick up readers and I appreciate that.  If anyone has any questions/comments about the comic, I'd be happy to answer them.

As for what's next, it's not a comic.  I have the third draft of a dark (very dark) horror-fantasy novel in the works, and I'm quite proud of it.  I'm not sure yet if I'll try to get it published or self-publish it on Kindle.  Anyone who's interested in reading it when it comes out can tweet me or drop me a line.  I'll give out my Goodreads account to anyone who's interested.

Thanks for reading!

Aaaand that's it!  The End!  Thanks for the votes and support.  I'm going to post my thoughts on writing IQ sometime in the next week or so, so if you want to stick around for that, see you one last time! 

Either way, thanks so much for reading!