Hey, everyone.

It's only fair that I post once more to let you guys know that Venus Falls isn't coming back.  I really enjoyed writing it - I'm pretty fond of a couple of my characters - and I appreciate all my readers, but after so long away from it, I'm just no longer in the head-space to 'feel' it, if you see what I mean.  Thanks to everyone who read and voted for VF.

I've moved on to writing a serial called Tales of Tourniquet.  If you have a kindle or kindle app, it's FREE for Feb 1 and Feb 2 ONLY, so check out Volume 1!  ToT is a smart-ass, mythology-based dark fantasy about a bounty hunter with a detachable head.  It's a mature readers kind of deal, for lots of R-rated content, but if you're interested, the synopsis is below.  

One way or the other, thanks for all your support!

Chris B Jags

Join morally-challenged undead bounty hunter Tourniquet as she hunts a motley assortment of vicious supernatural killers... and maybe devours a few hapless bystanders on the side. Accompanied by noble barbarian Ajin, quirky stripper Red, and the sleazy and unscrupulous merchant Zenn, she travels the kingdom, ridding it of anyone with the misfortune to have a price on their head. 
The first three stories in a serial! 





Hey all.

My PC died on me sometime last week (the latest in a depressing string of hardware failures that have plagued my attempts to write comics - maybe I angered some deity with my sketchy art).  As I'm about to be laid off this fall (uh, hooray), and I have nothing else lined up, I simply can't currently afford to fix/replace it. 

I'd give you some kind of timeline for if / when VF will be back, but the future is uncertain right now, so I think it's best to put it on hiatus.

Thanks to everyone for reading!  Hope you enjoyed the many madcap misadventures of this multitude of mythological morons.  Hopefully they will return!